Sungwoo Hitech confirms investment in Nuevo León to create hydrogen automotive technology

By Elenne Castro

Nuevo León

May 22, 2023

Sungwoo Hitech announced that it will invest around 300 million dollars for the expansion of the company in Nuevo León, with the intention of attracting technology for hydrogen-based vehicles .

This news was announced after a meeting in the city of Busan, Korea, in which Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda, governor of Nuevo León, was present, where they assured that they will be generating 1,500 new jobs in the entity.

The state president said that the Korean auto parts company will double its investment to expand , which is why it seeks to attract the manufacture and technology of batteries for electric cars, cargo and passenger drones that are already in a pilot plan in the asian country.

"They produce batteries and components for electric cars, and the most cannon; 'Smart Green and flyers' as they hear it, flying electric cars, they are drones that transport cargo and passengers like helicopters, but rather they are cars, electric cars that They have already started a pilot test here in Korea. The new technology is incredible, it is not only electric, but hydrogen ", which we want to take to Nuevo León," he added.

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