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The state of Coahuila emerges as an unparalleled investment option for a series of key reasons. Strategically located in northern Mexico, its privileged geographical location places it in an ideal position for trade and business expansion. Bordering the United States to the north, Nuevo León to the east, and Chihuahua to the west, Coahuila offers unprecedented access to both the national and international markets.

Furthermore, the state boasts a top-notch industrial infrastructure. With five commercial and cargo airports, as well as 105 industrial parks and strategically located development zones, the state provides all the necessary amenities for businesses of all sizes and sectors. This robust infrastructure facilitates logistics and freight transport, optimizing operational efficiency for investors and entrepreneurs.

Coahuila's workforce is another of its most valuable assets. With a highly skilled and diversified labor force, backed by renowned educational institutions, the state provides access to quality human talent in a wide range of fields and sectors. This combination of trained human resources and cutting-edge industrial infrastructure creates a conducive environment for innovation, growth, and business success.

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