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Investing in the state of Sonora offers a series of competitive advantages that make it an attractive destination for various industrial sectors, one of which is its connectivity, which encompasses multiple modes of transportation. The strategically located five airports in the state offer domestic and international flights, facilitating the transportation of people and goods.

Furthermore, Sonora's railway network is one of the most important in the country, with connections to the main freight corridors of Mexico and the United States. This facilitates the transportation of manufactured goods, raw materials, and agricultural products. On the other hand, Sonora has several important border crossing points with the United States, such as Nogales and San Luis Rio Colorado. These border crossings are key access points to the US market, facilitating international trade and business expansion northward.

Another significant advantage of investing in Sonora is its economically active population, which is known for its skilled workforce. Additionally, the state boasts a vast territorial expanse, offering opportunities for the expansion and development of large-scale industrial and agricultural projects.

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