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Chihuahua is a state that benefits from its vast expanse and strategic location in the central part of northern Mexico. With an area of 247,455 km², Chihuahua represents 12.6% of the national territory, making it the largest state in Mexico.

Chihuahua's location on the border with the United States provides access to important border crossings, facilitating international trade and the movement of people. Border crossings in cities such as Ciudad Juárez are key to commercial exchanges between the two countries, especially in sectors such as manufacturing and the export of goods.

In terms of transportation, Chihuahua has a solid road infrastructure that facilitates the flow of goods and the mobility of people, promoting economic and social integration in the region.

The state also boasts important air connections through airports primarily in the city of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez, which offer regular flights to domestic and international destinations, allowing for quick access to key markets and boosting tourism and trade.

Rail transportation also plays a significant role in Chihuahua's economy, as it enables the efficient movement of goods between major production centers and ports of entry and exit on the border with the United States.

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