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Aguascalientes boasts numerous competitive advantages in the manufacturing sector, making it a prime location for industry. Situated in the center of Mexico, the state offers excellent connectivity to major markets and access to key supply chains, enhancing its appeal for manufacturing businesses.

The state is surrounded by Zacatecas to the north, east, and west, and Jalisco to the east and south, fostering regional trade and collaboration. Aguascalientes comprises 11 municipalities, with the capital city of Aguascalientes serving as a bustling hub for commerce and industry.

The region's industrial zone is well-established, featuring modern infrastructure and a wide range of manufacturing facilities that cater to various sectors. Additionally, the international airport provides efficient logistics and transportation options, connecting the state to national and global markets.

These strategic assets contribute to Aguascalientes' reputation as a strong and competitive player in the manufacturing sector, offering businesses a solid foundation for growth and success.

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