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Querétaro is one of the most promising states in terms of investment, infrastructure, and industrial development in Mexico. The state has gained prominence in recent years due to its ability to attract national and international investments, thanks to its favorable business climate, investment promotion policies, and its diversity of strategic sectors.

The Querétaro Intercontinental Airport is a key piece of the state's air connectivity and has experienced consistent growth in its capacity and number of flights. It offers routes to national and international destinations, facilitating the efficient movement of people and goods, and contributing to Querétaro's integration into global markets.

Regarding Querétaro's advantages in terms of connectivity, its strategic geographical location allows it to serve as a junction between the north, center, and south of the country, with a modern network of roads that facilitates transportation and trade between states and abroad. The state's road infrastructure is among the most advanced, allowing for efficient and safe mobility.

Querétaro's main industrial sector is the aerospace industry, which has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. The state has established itself as an important center for the production and export of aerospace components and products, attracting global companies in the sector. In addition to aerospace, Querétaro also excels in sectors such as automotive and information technology.

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