NEORIS y SAP to launch AppHaus Mexico

By Arturo Castillo

Nuevo León

November 3, 2023

In order to help companies throughout Mexico discover business needs, identify and enhance innovation opportunities, rethink processes, and deliver solutions applicable to their operation, NEORIS and SAP, leading companies in digital transformation and enterprise software, inaugurated their first AppHaus in Mexico in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

This pioneering space is the first of its kind in Mexico and the second in the Latin American region. NEORIS will manage and launch the center with an estimated investment of $150,000 for the opening and around $1 million for various projects over the next five years.

It is essential to say that the Monterrey AppHaus is a set of spaces that encourage the development of projects based on the SAP enterprise technology platform, a unified platform for cloud applications, combining it with NEORIS' experience in guiding companies in their digital acceleration process.

Technology & Design

This space will be led by more than 20 people with cross-functional perspectives in different areas of technology and design.

"With this inauguration, we take a bold step towards a future where technology and human power converge. The partnership with SAP's AppHaus is a testament to our commitment to growth and innovation in the Americas. We are determined to unleash the incredible potential of the region, driving transformation and generating lasting impact," said Enrique Perezyera, president of NEORIS Mexico.

"SAP's vision is for all organizations to become agile, intelligent, and sustainable enterprises with the help of technology. We're proud that today, we're supporting that goal in Mexico by opening the first partner-driven AppHaus in Monterrey. This city has long been an epicenter of innovation. Through this collaboration with NEORIS, we will be able to work with more customers and companies of all sizes and industries, with the idea of helping them be more competitive in the current digital economy," added Ángela Gómez, president of SAP Mexico.

Revolutionary Projects

SAP AppHaus Network is a collaborative innovation ecosystem that redefines how companies address challenges and unleash their potential by putting the human experience first.

Specialized teams with diverse skills converge within these sites to bring revolutionary projects to life, providing clients with various engagement opportunities, regardless of maturity level. The goal is to deliver scalable, technologically feasible, and financially viable solutions with customizable experiences.

Innovative space

The first SAP AppHaus was established in 2013, and there are 22 worldwide. SAP owns three locations, and 19 are managed by strategic partners such as NEORIS. The network has executed over 1,000 projects, generating around 250 success stories, hosting around 3,700 workshops, receiving over 90 thousand visitors, and winning over 80 awards.

Thus, the inauguration of this innovative space, which reinforces Monterrey's position as an essential center of technology and development within Mexico, was held in the presence of Iván Rivas Rodríguez, Secretary of Economy of the Government of Nuevo León and Emmanuel Loo, Undersecretary of Investment of the same agency, as well as business leaders and executives of global and national companies.


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