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Developing a skilled workforce is crucial for meeting the increasing demand for specialized professionals in various industries in South Texas and the border cities of Mexico. The region has emerged as a significant industrial hub, covering sectors such as automotive, aerospace, medical, electrical, and electronics. The need for highly qualified professionals in these industries is evident, highlighting the importance of education in the region.

Many educational institutions in South Texas and Mexico have adapted their academic programs to meet the demands of the local and regional industries. They offer specialized training in fields like aerospace engineering, medical device manufacturing, electrical and electronic technology, and other related disciplines. Technical and vocational education has also become increasingly important in providing practical and technical skills to students, thus enhancing their employability in the industry.

The collaboration between educational institutions and local businesses has resulted in the establishment of internship programs and joint research and development projects. As a result, there is now a strong link between education and industry needs, which has led to the creation of a highly skilled workforce. This workforce is capable of driving innovation and contributing to the economic growth of the region.

Educational Attainment

Concerning educational attainment, 13.5% of the selected regions' residents possess a Bachelor's Degree (7.4% below the national average), and 6.3% hold an Associate's Degree (2.6% below the na*onal average).

Population % Population
Less Than 9th Grade
173,557 17.8%
Not in Labor Force (16+)
131,770 13.5%
High School Diploma
245,743 25.2%
Some College
175,559 18.0%
Associate's Degree
61,217 6.3%
Bachelor's Degree
131,660 13.5%
Graduate Degree and Higher
56,999 5.8%

Educational Pipeline

In 2022, there were 22,342 graduates in 6 Texas Counties. This pipeline has grown by 10% over the last 5 years. The highest share of these graduates come from "General Studies" (Associate's), "Medical/Clinical Assistant" (Certificate), and "Welding Technology/Welder" (Certificate).

School Total Graduates (2022) Graduate Trend (2018 - 2022)
Texas Southmost College
South Texas College
Laredo College
Texas A & M International University
Texas Southmost College
Rio Grande Valley College
Southern Careers Institute-Pharr
Southern Careers Institute-Brownsville
The College of Health Care ProfessionsMcAllen Campus
Southern Careers Institute-Harlingen




Master's or Higher

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