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Nearshoring to Mexico: advantages and savings for foreign companies

During the last two decades, the offshoring phenomenon -- which consists on having production contracts with overseas suppliers, mainly located in Asia -- has lost appeal. Everyday there are more companies considering to relocate part of their supply chain to countries geographically closer to their last mile warehouses. View more »


nuevo león
Bosch Rexroth celebrates 40 years of providing the industry with intelligent solutions


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Industrial Building VPGDL-03 in Vesta Park Guadalajara 1 
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Bodegas in Villa Florida Industrial Park 
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Expansion of the Anzaldúas International Bridge will be an economic trigger in the region


Experts talk about the panorama of the Treaty between the United States, Mexico and Canada


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Industrial Building in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico
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Industrial Building in Parquesur Industrial Building
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Pirelli will invest 114 million euros in the Guanajuato plant


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Industrial Building SPEC I VYNMSA APASEO Industrial Park 
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Industrial Building Multi I in Amexhe, Guanajuato
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