nuevo león

Nearshoring in northern Mexico: will the boom of foreign companies continue?

Although 2021 was a year with excellent results at the national level for the industrial real estate sector, in the northern markets (from Monterrey to Tijuana) activity accelerated to such a degree that historical records were broken in building construction, inventory expansion and sale of industrial land . View more »

nuevo león
Panduit expands manufacturing plant in Nuevo León


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Industrial Building VPGDL-03 in Vesta Park Guadalajara 1 
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Industrial Building in Celaya - Amistad Chuy Maria Industrial Park Visit the property »

Wabtec Corporation starts operations of its Plant IV in Arteaga


baja california
Nordson Medical opens plant in Baja California


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Industrial Building in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico
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Industrial Building in Parquesur Industrial Building
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nuevo leon
KIA invests 408 million dollars in Nuevo León


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Industrial Building SPEC I VYNMSA APASEO Industrial Park 
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Industrial Building Multi I in Amexhe, Guanajuato
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