Xusheng Group chooses Coahuila to install its first plant in Mexico

By Luis Mendez


May 26, 2023

The company of Chinese origin, Xusheng, announced that its first manufacturing plant in Mexico will be installed in Coahuila, specifically in the Alianza Industrial Park in the municipality of Derramadero. 

Aluminum auto parts will be produced in this factory to serve the North American automotive market and 1,200 new jobs will be created directly. 

In this regard, Simon Huang, general manager of the company, commented that the amount of investment will be around 350 million dollars because they have high growth expectations in the entity. 

Likewise, he said that the state authorities helped them a lot to make this dream come true and he reiterated his gratitude for encouraging them to consolidate in the region in the future. 

Another of the points that the executive touched on was that the brand is committed to the new trends in light vehicles that use new energies. 

“In general, we employ more than 4,000 people, in addition to the 1,200 that we are announcing today and we bill approximately 4,500 million dollars, for which we average an annual growth of 30 percent,” he declared. 


Simon Huang highlighted that the Derramadero complex has expectations of reaching more than 1,450 million dollars by 2024.

In addition, they will have more than 100 production lines, which will be used for automatic pressure casting, five forging lines, six extrusion lines, and three production lines for aluminum bottles. 

Finally, the interviewee highlighted the importance of having highly qualified personnel, since they will hire 550 technicians for their specialized processes.

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