McAllen, Texas, emerges as a key destination for industrial investment: CBRE

By Viviana Cervantes

South Texas

September 11, 2023

McAllen, Texas - The city of McAllen, Texas, is emerging as a prominent hub for industrial opportunities in the Rio South Texas region, according to a recent assessment by CBRE, a global leader in commercial real estate services. This border metropolis, strategically located on the border between Mexico and the United States, is attracting investors and entrepreneurs from both sides of the border in search of economic prosperity and development.

The city of McAllen has been actively promoting the arrival of new investors through real-life testimonials from entrepreneurs who have decided to expand to the United States after establishing successful businesses in Mexico. These entrepreneurs have found McAllen to be a conducive place for their growth, with tax advantages and guidance in international trade processes.

Roel Rodriguez, City Manager of McAllen, Texas, emphasizes that the interest in finding available spaces for new businesses is an ongoing pursuit. By sharing success stories of entrepreneurs who have made this transition, confidence in the business sector is strengthened. Rodriguez comments, "In McAllen, we have the presence of major industries and binational entrepreneurs who, having businesses in Mexico, seize the growth opportunity offered by the Rio Grande Valley. Their testimonials are the best example of why to invest here; new opportunities are on the horizon."

The International Economic Summit of MXLAN was one of the most recent events that attracted the attention of binational entrepreneurs from various sectors, including the logistics industry. During this event, they shared their experiences and challenges in an open dialogue. Future economic development plans were also discussed, emphasizing the importance of the trade relationship between Mexico and the United States.

Rodriguez concludes: "In the Rio Grande Valley, we are more than 1.5 million inhabitants, and we jointly promote the arrival of new investments. Even during the pandemic, we witnessed industrial growth, and we know that this growth will be even greater in the future. Our relationship with Mexico is strong, and we are willing to support all the needs that investors may have."

Currently, McAllen ranks high in terms of interest in the occupation and development of industrial properties, according to data provided by CBRE. This position reaffirms its status as a growing center and a benchmark for trade and investment in the region.

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