Laredo, Texas International Bridges grow 8% in the first half of 2023

By Viviana Cervantes

South Texas

August 23, 2023

Laredo is the most important land entry border port in the commercial relationship between Mexico and the United States,  as it has specialized lanes and exclusive use for cargo transportation, through the International World Trade Bridge of Nuevo Laredo , Tamaulipas, and the Bridge Colombia-Solidaridad International , border between Texas and Nuevo León.

The mobility of these international routes is reflected in an increase of 8% in the first six months of this 2023 , compared to the same period of 2022; In addition, it represents a new record for the averages of 3% to 5% annual growth that have been recorded consecutively since 2009.

The merchandise that crosses in both countries ranges from foods such as fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, to specialized materials for manufacturing processes or industries, but despite the great variety, at the border port of Laredo there are review processes that take only a few seconds. .

Alberto Flores, director of Customs and Border Protection of the Port of Laredo , Texas (CBP), mentioned in an interview with Mexico Industry that the agile service offered is a demand for the high levels of merchandise and units that Every day they use these two bridges, and on which almost 45% of all cargo transportation in the binational relationship depends. 

“The growth of these two international bridges has been constant and new records are being reached, for example, the first half of 2023, even during the pandemic the movement did not decrease, all this leads us to seek new tools so that there is a greater agility, with technology and systems that also facilitate customs processes”.

The units that seek to reach Laredo, Texas, form kilometric lines from Mexico, for this reason the hours of operation are extensive and with availability from Monday to Sunday. Currently, the Nuevo Laredo World Trade Bridge and the Colombia-Solidaridad International BridgeThey are an indispensable tool in logistics processes. “We have a great responsibility as the most important cargo port in this binational region, which is why we are making new constructions. At the Nuevo Laredo World Trade International Bridge we will have four lanes dedicated and exclusive to the passage of exporters and importers, we go beyond the current times that we drive in less than a minute in review. The trucks arrive and are inspected in about 30 seconds, it's that simple to go from Mexico to the United States," added Alberto Flores.

easy review

As part of the strategies implemented by the land port of Laredo for the review of merchandise, carriers can access the registry of the Customs and Trade Association Against Terrorism (CTPAT) and Free and Secure Trade programs (FAST), which allows them to more quickly verify their cargo at border crossings. 

Currently, 30% of the units that use international channels already have affiliation.


customs growth 

The growth of the commercial flow towards Laredo, Texas, is also reciprocal on the side of Mexico, since in the Customs of Nuevo Laredo, where the International Bridge of World Trade is established, in the first month of 2023, 163.9 million of pesos, equivalent to a participation of 15.07% nationwide.

While, in that same period, the Colombia Bridge collected around 32.8 million pesos, according to ANAM statistics. “ In these international bridges we process around 45% of all the cargo from Mexico and the United States, we understand the needs of the industries and carriers because time is money, the more efficient they can be, the more than one route a day”, concluded the manager. 

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