Industrial market grows in Tijuana; register new investments and expansions

By Sandra Cervantes

Baja California

May 19, 2022

During the first quarter of the year, Tijuana registered an absorption of 1.3 million square feet in industrial spaces , where the sectors with the greatest growth were electronics/display and packaging.

The above was announced by Carlos Jaramillo Silva, president of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana  (Deitac), who presented the results of the " Industrial Report for the first quarter of 2022 ".

He explained that net absorption is what is gained and lost in terms of occupation of industrial spaces, and it is one of the measures used by the investment promotion body to know how the industry behaves.

"We are here to inform you of the progress in investments of an industrial nature. 2021 was a historic year in terms of absorption, since the most active year we had had was 2019, with the absorption of 3.6 million square feet, without However, in 2021 we had 7.5 million," he noted.

The leader explained that last year there was an increase of 200%, which was the product of corporate strategies that seek to have their operations closer to the main market, which is the United States.

And it is that during the pandemic, he recalled, an absorption of 2.7 million square feet was reported during 2020 , while in the first three months of this 2022 1.3 million square feet are already registered.

"This means that we are on track to be able to exceed 6 million square feet in 2022, so having two years with those numbers continues to reflect the great activity we have in our city and state," he said.

The business leader commented that although Tijuana represents 75% of industrial absorption in Baja California, Mexicali also reports similar increases, in its proportion, and in general throughout the state.


Thus, the report made by Deitac , he said, showed that from January to March of this 2022, eight investments were received in Tijuana, of which, two were new investments and six correspond to expansions.

The two new investments were:

Merit Aluminum – TyG Meseta Industrial Park

CPI – La Encantada Chain

Meanwhile, the expansions:

Section 1 – Prologis Park El Florido

Foxconn–REI Industrial Park

BOE Technology – Hubs Park Tijuana

Sultana Packaging – La Encantada Chain

Anza Packaging – Finsa Alamar Industrial Park

National Pen – Pacific Industrial Park 

"We see several important phenomena: one is the focus on the expansion of already established companies, which means that they are making the decision to grow in Tijuana, versus other regions such as Asia, due to logistical challenges," he stressed.

Another issue, he added, is the television/display industry that has begun to grow significantly, for example, the Boe  company made a significant investment last year, as well as Foxconn .

And another sector that has also shown an increase in investments, Jaramillo Silva mentioned, is the packaging sector and has to do with THE supply chain.

The president of Deitac  referred that the size of the operations is also becoming more relevant, since in previous years the standard average for a plant was 60,000 square feet , and currently the average is around 150,000 square feet .

"This gives us a sign of sustained growth, where, in any case, the relevant sectors continue to be medical devices, which continue to grow, electronics and display, and the reactivation of aerospace, with more stable demands, where we will be promoting supply," he said.

Carlos Jaramillo argued that there is also a growth trend in the information technology sector, "so we continue to see strengthened industries and today we are at a very important point in terms of attracting investment."

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