Hydra Technologies invests 90mdp in new technologies for the development of unmanned aircraft

By Elenne Castro


September 23, 2021

Hydra Technologies confirmed that it will invest 90 million pesos in new technologies for the development and manufacture of unmanned aerial systems.

The Mexican company is characterized by positioning this sector in Mexico and the world, which demands constant innovation and safety, with high quality standards.

The unmanned aerial systems (UAS, by its acronym in English Unmanned Aerial Systems) have varied uses in public safety, law enforcement and civil protection in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods; as well as applications in the environment and ecology sector, fishing, the agricultural and hydrological sector.

Hydra Technologies is a Latin American leader in the design, development, manufacture and operation of UAS . From its plant in Jalisco, it manufactures this high-tech equipment with which it supplies the Mexican government, foreign and local governments, public security corporations, internal security and civil protection agencies.

At the end of this year, the aerospace company expects to grow 20%, compared to 2020. This increase reflects the market demand for Hydra's  unmanned aerial systems used in the most complex missions.

The company annually manufactures 30 aircraft of different models on average , which can be equipped with high definition video cameras, still photography, hyperspectral imaging cameras, thermal sensors, photogrammetric or greenhouse gas detection systems, depending on the use. An unmanned system is also composed of a command and control center on the ground. 

The UAS of Hydra  are developed by a team of highly skilled Mexican professionals in engineering, robotics, aircraft design, electronics, physics, optics, mechanical design and artificial intelligence. Currently, the workforce is 180 employees and it is estimated in the short term to expand it by 10 percent.


The Jalisco company is present from September 22 to 25 at FAMEX 2021 , the most important aerospace fair in Latin America, which takes place at the Santa Lucía Military Air Base , State of Mexico, where the Felipe Ángeles International Airport is being built. .

At this event, Hydra  will showcase the S45 HD aircraft with new technological capabilities, such as real-time high-definition digital video transmission; and will present to the market its new high-performance twin-engine S55 models  with satellite control capacity and up to 22 hours of autonomy, which has been designed in conjunction with the American defense technology company TRIDENT AEROSPACE , as well as the S50 , a twin-engine aircraft of high efficiency with up to 16 hours of autonomy.

It will also present new service modalities to clients who require the use of this type of unmanned aerial systems in civil protection, public security, internal security, and military and civil clients.

The Mexico 2021 Aerospace Fair is a commercial activity in the civil and military aeronautical field that brings together companies in the sector, industrial users, business chambers, government authorities and educational institutions, with the presence of delegations from various Latin American countries and that of USA.

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