Expansion of the Anzaldúas International Bridge will be an economic trigger in the region

By Anayancy Ulloa

South Texas

October 31, 2022

With the expansion of the Anzaldúas International Bridge , the South Texas region is strengthened as an area that will trigger greater growth and economic development, by allowing commercial cargo to cross from -according to what is contemplated- the year 2024.

The Anzaldúas International Bridge is located in Mission, Texas, and it is estimated that this area will trigger even more growth and economic development, once it begins operations for commercial cargo crossings.

The investment in this project was 83 million dollars and was made possible thanks to an INFRA grant of 25 million dollars from the US Department of Transportation; on a $22 million grant from the Texas Department of Transportation and a $63 million loan from the North American Development Bank  to the city of McAllen, Texas.

The expansion of the international bridge will have a positive impact on the various sectors that mainly make up the manufacturing industry by allowing the crossing of goods that are manufactured in Mexico. In addition, the opportunities that arise should be taken and the potential expanded for the benefit of the region. 

The master plan in expanding the bridge and allowing commercial cargo to cross is part of the vision to continue developing the region.

With this project in the expansion of the Anzaldúas International Bridge , the cities on both sides of the border will be enabled to attract more industry, more businesses and, consequently, more employment.

“What this bill accomplishes is simple: It is to ensure that companies operating on both sides of the border continue to have the opportunity to expand and be successful. Now, our commitment is to increase the capacity of commercial cargo crossing from south to north and north to south through this border”, said Roel 'Roy' Rodríguez, manager of the city of McAllen, Texas.

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