Eaton Truck's Rise in San Luis Potosí: A Decade of Expansion and Innovation

By Alejandra Méndez

San Luis Potosi

March 26, 2024

Eaton, a company with a global presence and a vast portfolio of products, continues to strengthen its operations in San Luis Potosí. Since they established their base in the capital in November 2002, they have undergone three expansions, reached one million square feet, and had a workforce of 1,250 employees.

Therefore, the American capital factory currently has four plants:

- TSP: They produce torque parts for GM, Stallantis, and Ford.

- Rivian: They manufacture transmission components.

- Eaton Truck San Luis Potosí: They handle heavy equipment transmissions, mid-range transmissions, transmission components, and collaborate in a joint venture with Cummins.

- Coruscant: This is a logistics unit that receives all materials and supplies the different facilities they have in the Potosino territory."

We  have demonstrated our capabilities to clients in terms of quality and cost, maintaining consistent performance.

This dedication has allowed us not only to maintain our position in the market but also to exceed the groups expectations, stated Javier Gómez, Eaton´s Truck San Luis Potosí Manager.

Digitization plays a crucial role in the companys leadership model; they have adapted their processes to new technologies and are making progress in implementing cobots.  Moreover, at the Rivian plant, they work with the honing system, which performs the surface finishing of parts with 2 to 3 microns specifications for electric vehicles.

It is a technology that we have begun to master to meet our clients needs in both quantity and quality. Undoubtedly, it has been a year of learning to reach the new levels of production that we are registering, He added.

Eaton Truck San Luis Potosí is expanding its supplier network in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It also serves as a universal integrator by bringing in supplies from Brazil, China, the U.S., and Mexico.

We have been evolving. In the past, a decade ago, we exported 80%, and currently, its a 50-50 split.

From the San Luis Potosí plant, we ship to Monterrey, Mexico City, and Mexicali, and in the U.S., to the northwest where our main OEMs are located, mentioned Javier Gómez.

In terms of economic growth, the company, certified as a Top Employer and IATF 16949, projects sales valued in more than 1.2 billion dollars by 2024, and will launch two projects; one for clutches and another for torque parts.

We are proud to contribute to the economic development of the region, generating employment and exporting talent, concluded the manager of Eaton Truck San Luis Potosí.


Company Name: Eaton Truck

San Luis Potosí

Location: San Luis Potosí

Start of operation: November 2002

Investors: USA

Products: Torque for transmissions, clutches, components, and subassemblies

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