Driving Growth: CCIFM and Mexico Industry Form Alliance to Enhance Mexican Manufacturing

By Editorial Team


April 2, 2024

In a bid to bolster Mexico's manufacturing sector, the Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (CCIFM) Bajío representation has joined forces with Mexico Industry, signing a collaborative agreement. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to enhancing industrial development within the country, leveraging the robust trade ties between France and Mexico.

France's significant role as a key foreign investor in Mexico's industrial landscape is highlighted by Stéphane Idier, Director of CCIFM's Bajío Chapter. He emphasizes the alliance's contribution to strengthening commercial relations between the two nations and driving the Mexican manufacturing sector forward.

The agreement outlines mutual benefits, with Mexico Industry providing CCIFM and its associates a dedicated platform on its digital channels to disseminate pertinent content on manufacturing. This arrangement extends further, granting CCIFM-associated businesses the opportunity to contribute to Mexico Industry's print magazine, thereby enhancing their industry visibility.

Moreover, CCIFM gains exposure on the newly established ProMexico Industry platform, aimed at attracting investments to Mexico by spotlighting opportunities arising from nearshoring and sustained industrial growth. ProMexico Industry serves as a hub for information on major real estate developments and investment news, providing insights from key industrial bodies.

Reciprocally, CCIFM pledges to share valuable insights with Mexico Industry, enriching its digital content offerings and fostering collaboration between the two entities.

The signing of this agreement not only strengthens the bond between CCIFM and Mexico Industry but also underscores the pivotal role of French investment in Mexico's industrial advancement. This alliance is poised to foster greater synergy, contributing to the growth and competitiveness of Mexico's manufacturing sector.

The strategic partnership between CCIFM and Mexico Industry marks a significant milestone in propelling Mexico's manufacturing industry forward, solidifying the nation's appeal as a prime destination for foreign investment and sustainable industrial development.

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