Brownsville Port Attracts Turkish Investment for New Industrial Ventures

By Viviana Cervantes

South Texas

April 2, 2024

Exciting developments are underway at the Port of Brownsville as it prepares to welcome significant investments into its new industrial park. Arturo Gómez, Deputy Director of Port Operations, revealed that Westa Food, a Turkish company, is set to inject $25 million into becoming the inaugural tenant of the park.

The investment from Westa Food marks the beginning of what promises to be a series of lucrative opportunities within South Texas for manufacturing and logistical enterprises. Gómez highlighted the broader interest from investors in establishing a presence within the region, emphasizing, "We can confirm this substantial investment from Turkey for our new park. They specialize in marketing and food-grade flour processes, which they will conduct here in Brownsville before distributing worldwide."

In addition to Westa Food's commitment, Gómez shared insights into ongoing negotiations with a Canadian company in the food industry, which, if finalized, would bring another $25 million into the park. "We expect to make an announcement regarding this prospective investment in the coming weeks. At present, we can only disclose that it is a company operating in the sugar sector. This showcases the Port of Brownsville's readiness to accommodate diverse industries."

Meanwhile, progress on the construction of the Industrial Park itself is advancing swiftly, with completion anticipated between July and August 2024. Gómez provided updates, stating, "We are finalizing details such as service installations and road layouts. Construction timelines are proceeding smoothly, and we are confident that we will be ready to inaugurate within approximately four months."

Spanning 118 acres, the industrial park's strategic location within the port terminal grounds will offer streamlined operations for maritime-based industries while presenting enticing prospects for companies seeking to expand their footprint.

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