Balluff's Cutting-Edge Expansion: Advancing Sensor Solutions in Aguascalientes

By Alejandra Méndez


March 26, 2024

Providing high-quality sensor solutions, identification, and image processing, along with network technology and software for all automation requirements demanded by companies in Europe, Asia, and America, is the primary objective for which Balluff chose to establish its seventh production plant in Aguascalientes.

The factory, spanning 7,000 square meters, is performing several technologies for example injection molding, laser engraving, welding, crimping, coating and assembly processes to manufacture high-quality sensor and cable solutions for the industrial automation industry.

"We specialize in manufacturing solutions for industrial automation: sensors, industrial networks, RFID, human-machine interfaces, power supplies, connectivity devices, accessories, and software systems," emphasized Edgar Gonzalez, Plant Manager of Balluff Manufacturing Aguascalientes.

The company is progressively expanding its production lines. Earlier this year, it started the manufacturing of cables to offer customers a broad range of connectivity solutions across various industries and work environments.

"The newly initiated line features a completely new product for Balluff: cables with diverse connection configurations offering multiple connectivity solutions according to our customers needs," pointed out Edgar Gonzalez.

The products are aimed to the automotive, robotics and automation, pharmaceutical, packaging, food and beverage industries, among others. Therefore, Balluff holds certifications from 'Underwriters Laboratories' (UL), 'Conformité Européenne' (CE), and 'UK Conformity Assessed' (UKCA).

"Our aim is for approximately 80% of the supply, serving the Aguascalientes location, to be national. Thus, we have initiated supplier development program," he expressed.

In consideration of environmental preservation, the factory is sustainable and features a photovoltaic system comprising 840 panels, preventing approximately 359 tons of CO2 emissions annually, and generating 872 MWh per year.

"It will fulfill a third of our future demand. There's ample opportunity today to conserve resources. We're also planning to harvest water from our HVAC condensate system and repurpose it for bathrooms. This initiative is one among the several projects slated for the upcoming months, including the implementation of a 'paperless' program on our premises," reported Edgar Gonzalez.

In 2024, the company plans to initiate operations with other production lines, specializing in sensor technology and networks for the American market.

Lastly, Edgar Gonzalez indicated that the Smart Factory will facilitate the company's anticipated growth while simultaneously seeking to establish resilient supply chains.

"We're positioned as one of the top three global plants. We distribute products across the Americas, and our facilities integrate the latest market technologies. Moreover, we aligned to global sustainability policies," he concluded.


Start of operations: 2023

Location: Aguascalientes

Investors: Alemania

Products: High-quality sensor,identification and image processing, solutions, including networking and software technology

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