Attracting Attention: Nuevo León Targeted by 25 New Businesses

By Fabiola Varela

Nuevo León

February 7, 2024

New Businesses Expected to Set Up in Nuevo León by 2024

It has been projected that by 2024, 25 new companies will establish themselves in Nuevo León, as reported by real estate company Colliers in Mexico.

According to Sergio Reséndez, CEO of Colliers Mexico, among these 25 companies are various large enterprises from sectors such as appliances and automotive parts.

Service Hub

Reséndez estimates that investments could reach up to 3 billion dollars (USD) from companies in logistics, electronics, and metalworking sectors from the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Additionally, the CEO mentioned that Nuevo León could become a service hub for the industry, as post-election, companies in areas such as consulting, information technology, and human resources may choose to settle in the region.

Automobile Manufacturers

Recently, the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, confirmed that five automobile manufacturers are seeking to establish operations in the state.

This announcement follows Colliers Mexico's revelation that currently, seven companies are looking to establish themselves in the country, with five of them eyeing Nuevo León.

Electromobility Hub

"More automobile manufacturers are coming to Nuevo León, big ones, big ones, on the scale of Tesla," said the Governor, who added that an electromobility hub is being consolidated in the Saltillo-Monterrey-Laredo corridor.

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